Tracy Mihalak is the transformationalist of Mihalak Ministries, providing individual equipping with a prophetic edge. Her ministry is imparting tailor-made insight to exhort and to arm people {and their small businesses /ministries} into freedom. Intangible transformation births a tangible result, and it is her desire to see everyone fully-apprehended by Kingdom identity, with joy invading every aspect of their lives.

She has been described as a “Holy Ghost Triple-A Service,” with fire, joy and the pursuit of Matthew 10:8 in her toolbox. She has a voracity for intercession, prophetic evangelism, and deliverance.

Tracy graduated from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 1999, and was a commercial lender in Florida until relocating to Erie, PA in 2013. She co-founded Veterans Miracle Center Erie in 2014 and graduated from the Welton Academy in 2018.

Contact: [email protected]